The steel business basically entails the making of steel out of iron ore. SKW products are regarded as being world-class due to the fact that we acquire only the finest raw materials to begin with. Additionally, R&D is paramount in ensuring we stay on the cutting edge of technology in all that we produce for all our customers throughout the world.

SKW operates in many different segments of the metallurgy industry including iron and steel making, foundries and ferroalloys, providing our customers with technologies and solutions to meet all their needs in the treatment of hot metal.

The ESM and Tecnosulfur products are used in both “primary refining”, mainly incorporating products for desulfurization and dephosphorization, as well as “secondary refining”, which combines mainly Slag Conditioners for inclusion treatment, steel cleaning and protection. The Affival products are Cored Wires used in secondary refining especially for inclusion treatment and alloying. In all cases we pride ourselves on offering our customers not only top quality but an excellent ROI (return on investment) and TCO (total cost of ownership). And even more importantly, the reliability that our customers have come to expect of us. These promises, forged in steel, are what make SKW the obvious partner for you.

The steelmaking process

Blast Furnace
Reduction of iron ore to liquid iron
Reduction of sulfur content in liquid iron by adding ironmaking reagents
Basic Oxygen Furnace
Transfer of liquid iron to liquid steel
Alloying, Slag treatment
Refining of liquid steel in steel ladles through injection and chemical treatmenty processes
Continuous Casting
Casting of crude liquid steel into solid forms

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