The operational organization of the SKW Group differs between Primary and Secondary Metallurgy. Within these, it combines the world-leading brands of Affival, ESM and Tecnosulfur, all of which represent the highest quality and standards, supply reliability, cost effectiveness at customer site, global reach and continuous innovation to provide even better solutions.

Affival is the globally renowned leader in Cored Wire manufacturing and application, including application equipment for its products. With its quality and competitiveness, it guarantees the base for all its customers to produce the highest quality steel types.

ESM provides leading solutions for the desulfurization of hot metal and refinement of liquid steel. It offers patented injection equipment and specialist engineering as well as consultancy operational solutions to all its customers. This combination guarantees the best quality and most cost effective solutions to customers, all around the world. 

Tecnosulfur is the international renowned expert in manufacturing and applying slag conditioners including the unique Sintered Synthetic Slags. With these, as well as desulphurization agents, Tecnosulfur ensures the best results for the customer.

In India, the SKW Metallurgie Group is a partner in the Joint Venture Jamipol (hot metal desulphurization).

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